Encyclopedia Entry: "Slaar (Creole)"

From The Acadian Xenolinguistic Encyclopedia, 4th ed.

Published 2871 Æx. by The Ayn Rand University Press: Chesapeake, Acadica

Slaar is a criminal creole spoken in those lawless areas of the known galaxy, which combines native alien Slaar grammar (from the language called Slartaal) with an eclectic vocabulary of Scythian, Tellurian, and Unispeak loanwords. It has no official status in any Eparchy.

Slaar is one of the three major lingua francas of the former Interstellar Convergency and the present Celestial Commonwealth; however, its base of speakers is ill-defined except for its lawlessness, and is scattered across more remote regions, with no sense of group identity or nationality. It was the most commonly spoken language in the Earth Quarantine Zone before the inception of the Progenitor Project; after the collapse of the Commune, it has begun to replace Unispeak as the standard language of the decrepit collectivist worlds, because of the influx of displaced criminals and prisoners. Its simplistic grammar and somewhat childish phonology have facilitated this surge in linguistic prominence.

It is a derivative of a now-unspoken alien language, Slartaal, spoken by the non-Sapien Slarlaasi species, which was known for producing some of the worst outlaws in the Outer Rim; the Slarlaasi race was eventually eradicated by the Shatarins, who hunted them to extinction, considering their meat a sublime delicacy. However, the Slarlaasi language had already begun to take hold among Sapien smugglers and pirates, and over the years borrowed a significant number of words from the more prominent Scythian, Tellurian, and Unispeak (with some Anglic). This creole continues to be spoken even after the extermination of the Slarlaasi. In fact, it is more widespread than ever in its history.

The following is a quote by the character Grimza Kanis in the Colonial space-western film Centauri High Noon (played by Clint Award–winner Jaecoby Sparke), who describes the real-life Gaas Greed station—previously the Interstellar Convergency’s maximum security prison, prior to its collapse, and now a known haven for outlaws and gunslingers:

« Feer leerko’ba Gaas Greed ba am sdaas da Meednaasi, fo teegon we kapaal dreen ko’a so’ba haa beerdtaal, a gisaa ngo pas donaara. Aal freek gaa fo’pa – saa gaagos o’g da onaro’ba ood seelo’ba – sdeeb, sagreetgon, a’teer, myooron – gis gaamos moglaargo’ba go’aag. Go’a gaamos am lo’eega da kreeta ood miskoorda. Kyoo bneer, praand ko eergo’ba, gis we lang – doo dreen ko’a meesdra, ood baas am neendo ba im gbeerna, we weel maa naad gaar reena go’a. Groor teegon gon am weedra soob daasd. Aal baak teegon – im gaangon, im sreemon, im greedon doo moroombo’n – mreed am weedra soob daasdkool, faal yoo nod ba Ardeera, haak teegon we gaanod. Aal gaaobsaar a teegon we gaaho’ngkyoo haa im Srileerateej, ood im Jabeen, im Roskreengon ood gwo im kaalgon da Kraag haa im harkoomba da im Impeer Ja’dreen. Im weedra soob gyoom we graat ma’ko so’l kyoo rakaar. Doo a gisaa sdaas go’a mos kmaargo’ba goon greeda, krees a dreentaal we reesk ma’ko ba kleego’ba waarataal. »

“You could say Gaas Greed is like a Mithneshi station, in that we take in anyone who shows up at our door, as long as they pay their dues. But make no mistake about it: if you don’t have something to buy or sell – sativa, cigarettes, aetherium, women – then you’re not welcome here. This isn’t a place for charity or compassion. You get in, get what you need, then get out – and anyone that overstays his welcome, or turns out to be a rat for the authorities, is going to wish he’d never entered this sector. Most of us have a price on our heads. But when we – the criminals, the smugglers, the pirates and murderers – put a price on your head, you’d best get yourself to Arterra, where we won’t go. But don’t think for a second we won’t find you in the Inner Rim, or the Commune, the Occupied Territories or even the streets of Kharag at the heart of the Shatarin Empire. The bounty on you will increase every day you’re on the run. And when this station’s named for greed itself, you can expect that any one of us will risk everything just to collect our fee.”