Encyclopedia Entry: "Rosc"

From The Acadian Xenolinguistic Encyclopedia, 4th ed.

Published 2871 Æx. by The Ayn Rand University Press: Chesapeake, Acadica

Rosc (R. Roscjy) is a non-Sapien language now spoken by the Sapien Rosc people in the contested territories of the Inner Rim. On the level of the greater Convergency, it is not widely used, neither in politics nor popular media.

The Rosc language traces its origins back to a now extinct alien race, which colonized the eponymous planet Rosc in the distant past. This humanoid species subjugated the native Sapien population of the planet; these Sapiens were separatist colonists from the Tellurian Imperium, who settled the once uninhabited planet and built a society independent of the Tellurian mother culture. When the alien imperialists arrived at Vittoria (i.e., the original Tellurian name for the planet Rosc), they overtook the Sapien civilization and imposed their way of life, including their language. Ultimately a Tellurian military intervention liberated the native population and exterminated the invading species, but the language remained spoken, as it had been inherited over multiple generations.

The language itself has a quasi-Slavic phonology with a syntax and verb structure reminiscent of that of Old Earth Standard Arabic. Millennial Anglic speakers generally describe it as having a difficult pronunciation and cadence, though Muscovian intelligence agents report the opposite, largely due to similarities in phonology. Because Rosc media is virtually limited to the Occupied Territories, few outside this region have any significant knowledge of it; only a small number of universities in the United Colonies offer classes in Rosc, and those who do speak the language are almost exclusively employed by the Colonial military.

The following is Rosc Executive Councilman Remy Vlotoscu II Dostjya’s public condemnation of the Interstellar Convergency’s continued opposition to the Rosc presence in the so-called Occupied Territories, in which he accuses them of blatant hypocrisy for turning to the Rosc for military technology while simultaneously denouncing the Rosc arms trade.

« Komgejruk hoscstaddjuk premtoscjal pjoscrij jaj lundj banjya jokjumasc. Kimlutzprem indul znejtal praljemal dy lundul zrejkuprem an kajtzip vurzkaj – kascarskaj – urejlsc rosctzy kvarsankaj holjosc jokvejrjaj? Cejp ijprekjiasy holajsy dy nojv tzarmasmj lundusmj krekzuprem Hosc Lutkaj ja prucektz vrokstatus zilmj dy, djun lupot ujlustojddret bol jekromis vurzjy? Zemraskkak zilmjukak murnip temjumasc pap rosctzum bundjya ejtzerjumezy kvarsankaj dvu Scijvesc Ijcjek, dy zej vluscarmip indul pjoscral? Cejp jokstojddretja!

Indum cejp krojnomy vukeltjom hravezik lundum premmaretz flascjar lundum premnurscol premsca – sje drajvgosmj tzukvogjom ujluvragjol lundusmj lutegrekip dvu nijtusc bujl kismje Hoscstaddik, bol lundusmj kismje zil djaremptal tzumraznja lupotip ujlustojddret. Kolt potisc djun lukjutrik kontzjuljosc dy flascze drut zil zencjuntzja. Kismje holdrajvgotzkjosc lundjosc luban cejp tugsc lundusmj sjuluprem bol nijtik jokskormjik, cejp pry holajs pjetrikj dvu lundusmjy brujzemu. »

“The Convergent Congress displays a hypocrisy the likes of which we have never seen. Who are these sniveling senators and parliamentarians that think they have the right – the duty – to condemn the Rosc’s mining of uninhabited worlds? Are they not the same representatives of states and planets that turn to Hosc Lutka for munitions and weapons of war, so they might defend themselves against true threats? The arms trade would die within days if the Rosc were to cease all aetherium mining in the Occupied Territories, and where would that leave these hypocrites? Defenseless!

This is the fate of the starving dog that bites the hand that feeds it: to be devoured by the larger beasts that lie in wait in the shadows just outside the Convergency, against whom only our more loyal clients can defend themselves. So, by all means, let them close the consulates and impose their sanctions. The only planet crackers they will see this day forward will be the ones that emerge from the uncharted darkness, with their pathetic planets in their crosshairs.”