One–Light Year Tellurian: Greetings

Saltazo! Me caramo Roxannia.

Hello! My name is Roxannia.

From One–Light Year Tellurian with Claudia Aiola, a Sol Radiofónica Travel Guide


Tellurians are a very physical people when it comes to greetings and goodbyes, and close friends and relatives of both sexes often kiss cheek to cheek, once on each side. When greeting a stranger, it is standard to shake hands (note that Tellurian culture is devoid of the gender segregation so prevalent in Shatarin and Shatarin-sympathizing societies).

Saltazo! Hello! (Saltazos to multiple people)

Salbe! Hi! Hey!

Cuom’ istas? How are you?

Cuomo ye? Cuom’ isto irindo? How’s it going?

Cuas famas? What’s new?

Me caramo… My name is…

Cuiz te caramas? What is your name?

Oras ánglico? Do you speak Anglic?

Oro licce telorayo. I speak a little Tellurian.

Una cuipia deone. Nice to meet you (hello).

Cuiz fuirtuna coytar-ti. It was nice to have met you (goodbye).

Ancce si. Likewise.

Caráz o in Elisio/al Istís. Goodbye (formal, lit., Tomorrow or in Elysium/at the Styx)

Delitesze a los deos. Goodbye (formal, lit., Take refuge in the gods)

A los deos! Ay Elisio! Al Istís! Goodbye!

Yelís’! Bye! (informal, from ay Elisio)

Mizúnico/Mizúnica! Bye! (between close friends, lit., My only [one])

Vanyasta! Bye! See you! (vanya asta, crude, between young males, lit., Sheath that spear!)

Tenessi! Tene! Bye! See you!

Buin matuto. Good morning.

Buin puimidrayo. Good afternoon.

Buina vespera. Good evening.

Buina nuite. Good night.

Poromitte. Please (lit., promise, from Te poromitto l’eiriza, I promise repayment).

Goraza (informal, Graza). Thank you.

Muelta goraza. Thank you very much.

Semper te gorazo. Thank you very much (formal).

Suirtiza. You’re welcome (lit., a duty)

No goraza de suirtiza. You’re welcome (formal) (lit., don’t thank for a duty)

Illo mano. Here you go; there it is (lit., in the hand)

Cuomo? Excuse me? / Please repeat that.

Remisso. Excuse me.

Desiderios. I’m sorry (lit., regrets, formal, Eu mibze desiderio, I regret myself)

Óc. Yes.

Óy. Yeah (informal).

No. No.