Encyclopedia Entry: "H'jani"

From The Acadian Xenolinguistic Encyclopedia, 4th ed.

Published 2871 Æx. by The Ayn Rand University Press: Chesapeake, Acadica

H’jani, more properly called by its native name L’zgljan, is the historical tongue of the H’jan, and an inter-eparchial language of science among many non-Sapien species.

The language, from an evolutionary standpoint, appears to perfectly suit the intricate and diverse forms of articulation unique to the H’jani physiology. The alien phonology is innately impossible for the Sapien mouth to utter, consisting of unpronounceable strings of consonants, glottal stops, hisses and clicks that can only be produced by the H’jani laryngeal air sac, or vocal sac. This organ has led to a common and potentially pejorative association of the H’jan with Terran frogs, and is likely the result of Procyon genetic engineering in H’jani prehistory.

Some non-Sapien species, however, are capable of rendering enough native H’jani phonemes to be intelligible, such as the fully nonhumanoid Vehisipen. Even so, its usage in speech is largely limited to the H’jan, but its logical structure and simple writing system have firmly established it as the written language of the hard sciences, even by some Caspian Sapien societies.

What follows is a profound passage from Zh’drimg ra Z’tqaar (“I Am Become Death”), the personal memoir of Dr. Z’niid Naruudn, the H’jani particle physicist who is widely considered to be the mother of the aetherium bomb:

« Qar tsmiit’zhii vra q’stel khtor vraishm zh’gherj ram zh’taizhrq qiix; zh’shremq zh’giir csh zruukh ai’zh zh’mruush qo d’zamot qc, dram taizhrotqc, zh’qar zh’qairm’zhii hter kht ghret zh’dlats csh. Q’laishotq csh zh’niid zh’tsahk’zhii r’zarmqamt csh zh’tlars ca dzraq zh’grekh qc, zgkln dlal cam zh’nmuutot zh’ghvid’dii csh zh’hzonq qc. Mzg garot’h h’janotq tuu h’qar um q’laishot, kln garot’h h’rlaik tuum zh’dergn ramt. Rto ghledr h’tsiic cagt g’jal csh zh’zhliilq zh’zar’zhii ra g’jarlnm kt g’hguur’zhii g’taiqr’zhii dluu, m’naruudn c’tsuukq kt, h’dalghk cagt vra khtor tsiic zh’ghiir csh zh’shremq ra zh’zriig’zhii dluu vtar q’zatshotq q’vrokh ca d’me’t qc q’zruukhot ramt. M’kharv kln zh’zlatc, zh’nmuut kln zh’drimg, taizhrotqc vuukhs ca vgher r’zardrg csh riiiv sh’qalriikvq. Kln qar garot’h h’janotq ai’h h’zrakh ca khtom. »

“It is rare for an individual to recognize her impact on the future; the moment of history being made, which will be remembered for generations, if not forever, is near impossible to discern from the dreadfully ordinary. The Sapiens’ accidental discovery of antibiotics seemed to be nothing more than a mistake, and yet it led to the preservation of countless lives. However, we, the H’jan, are not Sapiens, and do not share their short-mindedness. When we first saw the horrifying beauty of aetherium in its most violent and terrible form, a blinding, inescapable light in the darkness of space, we knew that we were witness to the most significant event in history since the Procyon littered the galaxy with their Sentient creations. War and peace, life and death, were changed forever with the detonation of a single warhead. And it is we, the H’jan, who made it so.”