Encyclopedia Entry: "Tellurian"

From The Acadian Xenolinguistic Encyclopedia, 4th ed.

Published 2871 Æx. by The Ayn Rand University Press: Chesapeake, Acadica

Tellurian (T. telorayo) is the official tongue of the Tellurian Imperium, and an isolate Romance language descended from Classical Latin at the time of the Procyon’s mass abduction of Roman stock in the distant past.

The language is distinguished from its Romaean and Latigonian linguistic relatives by its derivation from exclusively Classical Latin vocabulary, as opposed to a Vulgar Latin origin, which did not yet exist at the time of the Tellurian ancestors’ displacement from Old Earth as part of one of many Procyon social experiments. In modern times it has adopted some orthographical elements from Arterran Latigón – specifically, the use of acute accents to mark non-penultimate stress – and has largely abandoned the use of its traditional majuscule version of the Latin alphabet, using instead the typical Latin script of the Arterran languages.

Because of the influence of the culturally penetrative Tellurian media, the Tellurian language is widely understood across the Inner Rim. This has also resulted in extreme regional regularity, with the Tellurian language displaying a noteworthy lack of dialects. Interestingly, the aristocratic moon Leto, orbiting the Tellurian homeworld, is the only known settlement to speak a distinguished form of Tellurian, though its differences are mainly phonetic. Letan dialect is associated with the upper classes of Tellurian society, and geographically restricted to Leto.

Generally, native Tellurians are monolingual, strongly believing in the superiority of the Tellurian language and culture. Politicians, media figures, and the educated classes (including the priestly class of the Tellurian state religion) often have at least a rudimentary understanding of other prominent galactic languages, e.g., Millennial Anglic and Standard Scythian. However, throughout the Tellurian Imperium, one is unlikely to find even a single multilingual public sign; this explains the popularity of Tellurian in-flight language guides for tourists.

What follows is part of an article written by the Tellurian historian Dr. Órano Macera, published in the Tellurian-language political periodical Denuncio del Día (“The Daily Declaration”), which describes the historically hostile relationship between the Tellurians and the Procyon (often referred to as the “Roman Vendetta”):

« Cuomo tene l’Imperio cce esser poreistolado de tager cuó cce los porezatores cuirám rebellén la legiza ayubatoria? No duecén nilómine las legizas margineas o la diademma eparccea – no seiz duecén nuencam, i nuencam duecerán, sidisi noz tagemo. Porcuiz l’Ayubatoría oclude l’oculo de l’Ánimo de la Cuiletivitú cuó cce sicez sónas son cuippendidas per gorassando inu de las márginas d’un’eparccia? I cuiz istán cueirendo? Istán escarutando l’inán intrastellayo, o faccendo decosa máiz stolís? N’essemo borennos. Suerriperán los natos de nuistolos atabos por eppromer-seiz ote ratobrussas in sicez tentamendos nicuames. Nicandó seiz sinemo dir-noz ‹ Suimo vuistolos sóteres; los natos son nuistolos. ›

Óc, isto vero cce tota l’Armada no pue vinccer los porezatores, sid memoramo cce no suimo adóc inserbidos per lo CAPA. Los arterrayos noz suesziperán cuimoramente ote cuesdodidos duemo istamo cuerando los vuernos cce noz daderán Brock Dunham i los perzezos sicez. Si cuepuenyaramo i mitteramo telos d’una vize cuomo cce abe vidido l’istoria nuencam, puidremo soprar l’Ánimo de la Cuiletivitú, id aszerbar toto nato torán l’Ayubatoría, telorayo, arterrayo, o altoro, d’esser tenido per illos senetos doragos cci abemo tuilerado a perpetuyó. »

“How can the Imperium be expected to hold its tongue each time the Procyon openly violate Common law? They have absolutely no regard for border laws or eparchial sovereignty – they never have, and they never will, so long as we stay silent. Why does the Commonwealth turn a blind eye to the Hive Mind each time its City ships are seen prowling within a state’s borders? And what are they searching for? Are they charting interstellar space, or are they up to something more sinister? Let’s not be naïve. They stole our ancestors’ children for use as lab rats in their sick experiments. Never again can we let them say to us, ‘We are your saviors; your children are ours.’

Yes, it is true that the entire Armada cannot possibly defeat the Procyon, but let us remember: we are no longer bound to ABAC. The Arterrans have graciously taken us under their wing as we mend the wounds inflicted upon us by Brock Dunham and his cronies. If we combine forces, and launch an attack on a scale history has never seen, we can overthrow the Hive Mind, and save every child across the Commonwealth, Tellurian, Arterran or otherwise, from being taken by those gray-skinned monsters we’ve put up with for so long.”