It is the year 2869 Æx., and the sun is setting on humanity’s golden age. The once glorious Convergency has fallen into the hands of a corrupt elite, and a lone corporation has seized limitless power over the innocent citizens of the galaxy. But when a noble marshal, a lowly temple harlot and a band of unlikely allies find themselves caught in the middle of an insidious conspiracy, it seems that tyranny may have met its match. Part adventure, part political thriller, The Aetherverse artfully blends pop culture with politics, and tells the story of a democracy fallen, and a tragic history dangerously repeated.

The authors recorded their first ideas on the story in the summer of 2008 in upstate New York, without any expectation of ever completing a full novel. Their ideas were put aside for years, until in 2013, they rediscovered their notes and began work on The Aetherverse, which took on a life of its own, developing into a satirical space opera on a scale that neither author had anticipated. Over the course of nearly two years D’Urso and Bryan drafted the novel four times before they both agreed that it met their highest standards.

While The Aetherverse may be complete, the authors are currently working on a sequel, The Aetherverse: Pilgrims in an Unholy Land, envisioning a future trilogy that will be remembered as both irreverently entertaining and proudly unapologetic.