E. Bryan Declares!

Why I don’t sympathize with my young brethren on the right:

Many of you lately have seen YouTube, Google, Patreon (the list goes on) stamping out free speech within their own marketplaces. Various center to right political pundits and YouTubers are increasingly silenced, not to mention the well-known status of campuses. Well, if you try to form a community among the right, it's pretty much impossible if you aren’t a Fox News reporter or an anti-SJW YouTuber. No effort is ever made to work toward a counter-culture. The entire focus is on individuals' self-promotion instead of the promotion of the counter-culture. Don’t complain about Google donating to BLM; form up with your community and audience to make the case to the right-wing community and donors to work to create a truly neutral search engine. Don’t complain about Patreon silencing right-wing YouTubers; work to have a right-wing Patreon made. Our counter-culture is failing and failing to capture younger generations out of an inability to be independent from the Leftist system we’re trying to overcome. Many gay people were crying about Gay Prides excluding Libertarian and Gays for Trump groups (despite Libertarians supporting gay marriage since 1971, how many decades before Obama's "evolution?"), but all you saw was them complain, and not try to build a truly inclusive Pride. The young right is acting no different than a welfare queen complaining about not being able to get lobster.