Joseph (Joey) D’Urso and Eugene Bryan, the creators of The Aetherverse and the novelette series Aethertales, first met at Binghamton University in 2008. D’Urso, an Italian-American from Long Island, NY, received a BA in the Arabic language. Bryan, an Argentine-American living in South Florida, obtained two BAs in History and Political Science, and a Master of Science, becoming a scientist of global strategic communications.

The authors are outspoken critics of the current state of political and social affairs in the United States of America, and seek to spark a dialog that can change the unfortunate status quo. The Aetherverse reflects their views, often in a heavy-handed but necessary manner; writing a novel was their best means of speaking out and making a difference, and they hope that it will inspire others to stand up against the insidious mentality that is slowly eroding the fabric of this once great nation.

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